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Watch: Councilman Urges Wealthy Chicago Residents to Shelter Illegals


Councilman encourages residents who support illegals to back their words with housing support.

A conservative city council member in a Chicago suburb is asking residents if they’d like to help tackle the immigration crisis by housing illegal aliens in their homes.

Naperville Councilman John McBroom proposed the idea at a meeting last Tuesday, countering the notion taxpayer dollars should be thrown at the problem by creating a sign-up list for families who’d like to host illegals.

“I do know that there’s a lot of people that do care and I think we live in a compassionate community,” McBroom said introducing the proposal.

Naperville Councilman Josh McBroom wants a sign-up list for residents to host illegals in their homes:

“We do have a very affluent community. We have a lot of big homes.”

Naperville is a wealthy liberal suburb on the outskirts of Chicago. Biden won there by a 20% margin in… pic.twitter.com/UdO61MmRKW

— End Wokeness (@EndWokeness) January 23, 2024

“So, you know before we go down the road of…some of these other cities… You know my idea would be: let’s find out who’s willing to help.”

“So, you know, we do have a very affluent community, a lot of big homes,” McBroom continued.

“What I’d like to do is direct staff to create a sign-up sheet, so, you know, for individuals that would be willing to house migrant families.”

“And if there’s people that would do that, God bless them.”

The councilman’s proposal comes as Chicago struggles to cope with the immigration influx and has recently extended its deadline to evict thousands of migrants from city shelters until Feb. 1, citing winter weather.

This follows Chicago’s Democrat Mayor Brandon Johnson warning last month that city services and resources are strained to the point of collapse due to the illegal influx.

Chicago Mayor Brandon Johnson warns that every city service is on the verge of collapse thanks to the illegals pic.twitter.com/pLwYS6Kak2

— End Wokeness (@EndWokeness) December 27, 2023

While Chicago and other Democrat sanctuary cities grapple with a crisis of their own making, the issue is compounded by the Supreme Court ruling that the Biden administration can cut razor wire installed by the State of Texas to keep illegals from entering the country.

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