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Watch: Gonzalo Lira Warns in Chilling Message He Will Be Killed In Ukraine


Gonzalo’s father announced his son had died in a Ukrainian prison on Friday, and held the State Department, Joe Biden and the Zelensky regime responsible.

Journalist Gonzalo Lira, whose death was recently announced by his family, issued a chilling warning last year that he would be killed while in Ukraine’s custody.

Lira, a U.S.-Chilean citizen, was arrested by the Ukrainian Security Service (SBU) in May 2023 for criticizing the Zelensky regime.

Alex Jones breaks down the murder of Gonzalo Lira:

Journalists and American citizen Gonzalo Lira @GonzaloLira1968 has died in the hands of the oppressive Ukrainian regime. The Biden run US government did nothing to help him while he was tortured over the past year. News of his death was met by leftist celebrations! pic.twitter.com/Ky6jBX8oQA

— Alex Jones (@RealAlexJones) January 13, 2024

Shortly before he was arrested trying to leave the country, Lira issued a statement that he would likely be killed if caught by Ukrainian authorities.

“The American State Department knows exactly who I am and the situation I’m currently involved in,” Lira said. “And they know the fate that awaits me.”

The US State Department would not help Gonzalo Lira get out of Ukrainian. The thought police told him he was only being released so he could be picked up by another agency and killed. https://t.co/6oVFcbaOuC

— Alex Jones (@RealAlexJones) January 13, 2024

“Please don’t be indifferent to my fate. I ask you this very humbly, please recognize the literal death that awaits me if this doesn’t work out.”

Gonzalo’s father announced Friday his son had died in a Ukrainian prison, and held the State Department, Joe Biden and the Zelensky regime responsible.

“I cannot accept the way my son has died. He was tortured, extorted, incommunicado for 8 months and 11 days and the US Embassy did nothing to help my son,” Gonzalo Lira, Sr. said. “The responsibility of this tragedy is the dictator Zelensky with the concurrence of a senile American President, Joe Biden.”

The State Department confirmed Lira’s death on Saturday but wouldn’t even say his name.

Gonzalo Lira appeared on The Alex Jones Show last year to give his take on Ukraine’s conflict with Russia:

Gonzalo Lira made an appearance on the #AlexJonesShow before he was killed by the Ukrainian Government while being held as a political prisoner.

His fate will be our fate if we continue on this current path of censorship and war.

RIP Gonzalo Lira pic.twitter.com/OOnwySLeTm

— Alex Jones (@RealAlexJones) January 13, 2024

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