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WATCH: Good Samaritan Bodychecks Porch Pirate Fleeing Police


Police praise quick-acting bystander for helping them take down suspect on the run

A Good Samaritan is being praised by authorities after helping police take down a fleeing suspect in New York.

The incident unfolded in Yonkers just after 2 p.m. on January 3, but police just released footage and details this week.

A local resident alerted Yonkers Police after observing a man taking packages off the stoop of a private residence and stuffing them into a bag.

Responding officers confronted the suspect nearby and he took off running.

Christmas may be over, but the spirit of the Grinch is still alive in some people, especially Francisco Jose EDER MATEO, 27, of the Bronx. EDER MATEO decided that he was going to steal some packages from the porch of one of our residents. Unfortunately for him, our 2nd Precinct… pic.twitter.com/WAsUr2myRr

— Yonkers Police HQ (@YonkersPD) January 8, 2024

A man sitting in an SUV observed the ensuing foot chase and stepped out of his vehicle in preparation to aid pursuing officers.

The driver placed himself directly in the path of the fleeing suspect and delivered a decisive bodycheck that sent the thief flying through the air and onto the pavement.

Officers quickly apprehended the suspect with the help of the driver.

He was identified as 27-year-old Francisco Jose Eder Mateo, a resident of the Bronx.

Eder Mateo was charged with a variety of misdemeanors and felonies, including Grand Larceny and Criminal Possession of Stolen Property, both in the Fourth Degree.

“This video shows what happens when everyone works together seamlessly to stop crime. A resident sees a crime and quickly calls it in allowing Officers to get on the scene quickly, Officers flood the area to ensure the suspect can’t get away despite his attempted fleeing, finished off by a Good Samaritan who saw an opportunity to help our Officers capture a suspect and took that opportunity- right to him,” Yonkers Police explained in a statement.

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