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Watch: J6 Prisoner Says Suspected Provocateur Ray Epps LIED To FBI In Leaked Phone Call


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A jarring report by The Gateway Pundit reveals a phone call to the FBI made by suspected January 6th undercover government operative Ray Epps.

James Ray ‘#FedBoomer‘ Epps repeatedly LIED to the FBI in violation of 18 U.S.C. § 1001, a crime punishable by up to eight years in prison. pic.twitter.com/W725c7A1BQ

— Alicia Powe (@aliciapoweshow) April 26, 2024

The outlet also talked with J6 political prisoner Ryan Samsel about the audio recording of Epps’ phone call with the feds.

Epps was filmed whispering something into Samsel’s ear during the J6 debacle.

According to Samsel, Epps told him to push a police barrier against Capitol officers and said he had more people coming to assist in the melee.

The jailed J6er also alleged Epps lied to the FBI in the call “multiple times,” about his role in the events that day.

For example, Samsel said Epps ran past a female officer who fell down when he told the feds he helped the woman get up onto her feet.

Furthermore, during Samsel’s court hearing, officers who believed Epps’ story reportedly stood and thanked him for assisting the fallen cop.

Another alleged lie by Epps came when he told the FBI he helped an injured man despite Samsel claiming he was actually just standing around.

A thorough investigation into the government’s role in January 6th must be done if Americans are ever going to have any closure regarding the now infamous day.


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