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Watch: Man Exposes Vehicle-Tracking Tech Being Forced Onto Public

This is the beginning of the overall globalist agenda to COMPLETELY strip people their right to freely travel.

In a video going viral online, a man describes how his Hyundai Kona EV installed geo-tracking technology in the vehicle without his consent.

😳😳, #Geofencing and #geotiming on your car. Just a conspiracy theory right, that you could get your EV a shut down…. Maybe like when they want to lock down next. Or limit your mileage. Anyway please tag this guy if you know who he is pic.twitter.com/e6mRDnJU5r

— leilani dowding 🌸🚜 ☮️ (@LeilaniDowding) April 30, 2024

He explains that after purchasing the car from a dealer, “The car went in for a maps upgrade and came back as a write-off for me. They took the opportunity to upgrade the Bluelink Linfotainment software. When I started it up, I was presented with a new screen saying terms and conditions changed.”

After reading a few pages of the new terms, the man says his vehicle “was now equipped with geo-fencing and geo-timing capabilities. We’re talking about anything with an SOS button.”

Next, the guy notes his wife’s 2016 vehicle had a built-in system where a “range limit” and “time limit” for usage could be remotely programmed into the car.

His wife’s vehicle’s terms of service state the technology can’t be used without consent, “unless required by law,” which the man points out makes the consent part essentially irrelevant.

For example, German Transport Minister Volker Wissing infuriated many citizens last month after suggesting the government may ban them from driving on weekends this summer if new climate legislation isn’t passed by July.

The German government is holding the people’s right to drive freely hostage in exchange for support of their corrupt “green” globalist agenda that will ultimately strip citizens of private car ownership outright.

See below:

America is already boasting of its first car-free neighborhood as the blatant attack on basic freedoms is painted as an environment-friendly way of the future.

In London, England, the government has been facing extreme backlash for the past year after it imposed taxes on vehicles driving inside a certain area labeled The Ultra Low Emissions Zone (ULEZ).

The government has incrementally expanded the zone to include taxes on more and more drivers of gas vehicles.

The map below shows the original zone in red, the second expansion in dark green and third expansion in light green.

New York City’s Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA) proposed a similar scheme in December that will charge drivers a fee for entering Manhattan’s Central Business District (CBD), which is designated as anywhere below 60th Street in Manhattan.

Also stateside, Rep. Thomas Massie (R-Ky.) in November raised the alarm that he failed to stop a federal mandate that would require all vehicles sold after 2026 be equipped with a kill switch.

🚨 The federal government has mandated that all vehicles sold after 2026 must have a kill switch that can disable your vehicle based on your driving performance.

My amendment to defund that unconstitutional mandate failed tonight.

Here is the roll call:https://t.co/YWufj9BuMv

— Thomas Massie (@RepThomasMassie) November 8, 2023

Of course, freedom of travel isn’t the only thing being restricted as the technocrat elitists eventually plan on forcing humanity into high-tech “15-minute cities” where privacy and private property do not exist.

Listen to this chilling warning of what’s coming by ex-London Mayor candidate Shyam Batra, who describes the New World Order plot as “diabolical”.

“We are going to be in an open prison… for the rest of our lives.”

Mayor of London candidate, Shyam Batra, on 15 minute cities: “You won’t be able to drive a petrol or diesel car anymore… If you want food, you will get a calorie controlled system sent to you by text,… pic.twitter.com/qNGsxDjCLS

— illuminatibot (@iluminatibot) March 31, 2024

The gameplan is simple and it’s being rolled out in front of all our eyes in nations across the globe.

Humanity must defend itself now or surrender to the New World Order slave system being created around us.

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