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Watch: Parents & Students ERUPT On Woke School Board After Trans Student Hospitalized Girl

Board accused of covering up fact that attacker was biological male

After an attack took place at Pennbrook Middle School in Pennsylvania Wednesday, parents and students with knowledge of the incident unleashed their rage at the school board for its response.

According to police, a transgender 13-year-old student smashed his 12-year-old female friend in the head with a metal Stanley cup, resulting in the an open wound that sent the young woman to the hospital where she received staples and was under concussion protocol.

School Superintendent Todd Bauer revealed the attack was captured on film via security cameras, saying the footage was “deeply disturbing.”

An angry father exploded as he delivered an emotional message to the school board, telling them, “This was a teenage boy who beat on a little girl. Call it what it is, I don’t care.”

BREAKING: Massive controversy erupting at @NPSD in PA where a 13-year-old girl was hospitalized after a student brutally beat her.

Parents and students are alleging that the attacker is a male who identifies as female. Not a single media outlet mentions that he was trans.

The… pic.twitter.com/cuMqPSk0mT

— Libs of TikTok (@libsoftiktok) April 19, 2024

When a board member apparently gave the man a “look,” the father responded, “Don’t look at me like that Mr. Fusco, you’re a father. What if that was your daughter?”

Becoming more upset, the man added, “Men and women are different! Our hormones are not the same, our strength is not the same, our aggression is not the same!”

Continuing, the speaker pointed out most news articles describing the incident ignored the fact that a teen boy attacked the girl and criticized other speakers for calling the trans teen “she.”

A female student spoke also spoke about the attack, claiming she tried warning school staff five hours beforehand and alleging they “could have stopped” the assault.

“You could’ve stopped it,” the young woman said. “It was five hours from when I told you it was going to happen. I don’t get how you couldn’t have stopped that.”

According to the student, the transgender suspect in the attack had a “hit list” of other students he was going to physically attack.

She also described witnessing the brutal beating in great detail, noting the amount of blood and how vicious the male student was in slamming the girl’s head into a school lunch table while screaming, “I’m gonna murder you!”

The visibly upset girl also claimed the school lied about its response time to the attack in an email sent to parents.

Horrific: “We warned my counselor it was going to happen bc I was 2nd on the ‘HIT LIST’ [and] was told to watch my back bc he’s coming for you at lunch.”

Listen to this brave 12yo girl, an eyewitness & friend of victim, describe the gruesome Pennbrook attack that had been… pic.twitter.com/lufSsIb8M6

— K Fitton (@KelFitton) April 20, 2024

ABC 6 reported on the outraged parents in the following news report:

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