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Watch: Pranksters Hand Beer to Chinese Illegals At Southern Border

YouTubers show situation at border a free-for-all as beer openly handed to invaders.

Pranksters on social media headed to the collapsed southern border where they handed out ice cold beer to illegal immigrants.

YouTuber Danny Mullen and his crew traveled to an illegal invasion hotspot near Hot Springs, California, where they found hundreds of illegals, many of Chinese origin, who were eager to receive cans of Modelo Especial. (Full video below)

Footage shows illegals from China eagerly receiving the crew’s offerings.

Mullen’s team also handed toys to illegal children.

On their way out, the crew was thanked by a Border Patrol officer for bringing beers and snacks.

At one point, however, NGO workers providing aid to the illegals confronted the pranksters for mocking their assistance.

Watch the full video here:

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