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Watch: Rep. Thomas Massie Confirms Person Who Found Pipe Bomb at DNC on Jan. 6th is CURRENT U.S. Capitol Officer


Even though Secret Service and Metro Police were alerted to device by fellow officer, they still waited up to four minutes before investigating device.

Rep. Thomas Massie (R-Ky.) confirmed the person who discovered a pipe bomb at the DNC on January 6th is a current U.S. Capitol police officer, raising questions as to why police didn’t immediately respond to his report.

Rep. Massie made the revelation during an appearance on Rep. Matt Gaetz’s (R-Fla.) Firebrand podcast Tuesday, saying he’d made the discovery earlier in the day.

“I learned that ‘backpack guy,’ January 6th backpack guy – not to be confused with January 5th backpack person – backpack guy was a non-uniformed, plain clothes police officer in… the employ of the Capitol Hill Police.”

Massie highlighted the absurdity that, even though the US Secret Service and DC Metro Police were alerted to the device by a fellow officer, they still waited up to four minutes before beginning their investigation of the device.

BREAKING: @RepThomasMassie has confirmed the person who found the pipe bomb at the DNC on January 6th is a CURRENT U.S. Capitol Police officer.

This revelation was confirmed to Rep. Massie today by Capitol Police.

We will continue to investigate… pic.twitter.com/JhFUBNeLzh

— Rep. Matt Gaetz (@RepMattGaetz) January 30, 2024

“I’m trying to give [them] the benefit of the doubt when they took four minutes, you know, they finished their lunch before they went and dealt with this pipe bomb,” Massie said. “I wanted to give them the benefit of the doubt and think that, well, if it’s just some random passerby and he said, ‘Hey, there’s something shiny over there. Could be a lawn sprinkler, you know, not sure maybe want to check it out,’ but that’s not what it was. It was a person who was, they say – again when I relate this to you, I’m relating what the Capitol Police have told me – they say it was a Capitol police officer who found this bomb, and that he told them it was a bomb. And he radioed it in, said, we’ve got the device, we found another device.”

Footage released earlier this month by Rep. Massie showed police behaved bizarrely and appeared to lack urgency once informed of the bomb.

Below, courtesy of Thomas Massie, is the most damning and explosive J6 footage yet released.

In my view this will end up demolishing the Regime’s J6 narrative and with it a major pillar of Dem’s 2024 strategy.

You paying attention Kamala? pic.twitter.com/1LuNm6pGdB

— Darren J. Beattie 🌐 (@DarrenJBeattie) January 18, 2024

Massie’s revelations come as news broke Tuesday that the FBI blocked one of their surveillance teams investigating the pipe bomb incident from interviewing the suspect tied to the case, according to a former FBI agent.

Former FBI agent Kyle Seraphin told the Daily Wire that his surveillance team used the security footage to track the suspect’s movements shortly after he placed the bombs.

Seraphin said he requested from FBI leadership permission to interview the suspect but was denied, and told to go after other J6 participants instead.

The pipe bomb narrative is one of the feds’ weakest links in the Jan. 6 situation and has the potential to expose criminal elements inside the Deep State that aimed to foment chaos that day, possibly in efforts to lay blame on a MAGA supporter.

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