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Watch: Texas Police Guarding Illegal Migrant Facility TRIGGERED by Journalist


San Antonio police accused of taking money from NGOs to facilitate human smuggling operations.

San Antonio police became hostile with a journalist when he began asking why the officers were guarding an illegal alien processing facility.

Journalist Tayler Hansen confronted SAPD officers who were seen providing security to a Migrant Resource Center and checking for wristbands on illegal migrants for entry.

“They’re taking side contracts in relation to these NGOs actually being paid a significant amount to guard this area,” he said.

Last night— Tenet Reporter @TaylerUSA confronted multiple @SATXPolice officers about working a side gig where they are helping facilitate human smuggling at the Migrant Resource Center in San Antonio, TX.

The officers are seen wearing their official SAPD uniforms, driving work… pic.twitter.com/MaQJV2HUWm

— TENET Media (@watchTENETnow) January 14, 2024

“They’re in their official San Antonio PD uniforms with their San Antonio PD cars as well,” he added.

Hansen then asked officers if they’re on duty while guarding the migrant facility.

“We’re…this is an extra job for us,” an officer responded.

Hansen: “So, are you being contracted by the NGOs then?”

“Just say no comment,” a second officer told his comrade.

“You’re San Antonio police, but you’re being paid by NGOs,” Hansen reiterated. “You think that’s a conflict of interest at all?”

The officers remained silent.

“So you have the San Antonio PD being paid by the NGOs to facilitate human trafficking of illegal migrants into the country,” Hansen told viewers.

“Why are you not investigating this for human smuggling?” he asked the officers. “Because they’re paying for these migrants’ flights into cities, into America. You’re the police. So this is something you should be investigating.”

NGOs are “lying about paying for migrants’ flights when in reality they absolutely are paying for migrants’ flights and sometimes even double booking and then charging the federal government back. So they’re scamming people,” he noted.

“But why are you guys as police officers not looking into this?” he asked them again. “Instead, you’re taking money from these NGOs and these affiliated organizations.”

“No comment,” an officer said again.

After Hansen continued asking questions, the officers became agitated and demanded he leave the property.

“It’s private property. Outside the gate,” the officer ordered. “Stand out there and record all you want.”

Despite Gov. Greg Abbott’s (R-Texas) last month signing a law empowering law enforcement to arrest migrants who enter the U.S. illegally, it seems law enforcement instead is being paid off by shady non-governmental organizations to facilitate the human trafficking pipeline Joe Biden created with his open-border policies.

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