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Watch: Top NATO Official Warns To Prepare For Hot War With Russia

“Not everything is plannable and not everything is going to be hunky dory in the next 20 years,” says NATO Military Committee chairman.

A senior NATO official warned that Europe should prepare for a war with Russia within the next twenty years.

Dutch Admiral Rob Bauer, chairman of Nato’s Military Committee, after a meeting of the committee in Brussels, told reporters that civilians need to be ready to mobilize if a wider war breaks out in Europe and governments should bolster their reserve forces.

“We have to realize it’s not a given that we are in peace. And that’s why we [Nato forces] are preparing for a conflict with Russia and the terror groups,” Baur declared Friday. “If it comes to it, if they attack us.”

The unelected EU is hell bent on war with Russia. They are openly bragging that a new war time economy will keep the bureaucrats in power for the next 50 years. This is madness. https://t.co/hNr90QzeOb

— Alex Jones (@RealAlexJones) January 20, 2024

“But the discussion is much wider. It is also the industrial base and also the people that have to understand they play a role.”

“It starts there. The realization that not everything is plannable and not everything is going to be hunky dory in the next 20 years,” he said.

“We need to be readier across the whole spectrum,” Bauer continued, adding, “You have to have a system in place to find more people if it comes to war, whether it does or not. Then you talk mobilization, reservists or conscription.”

“You need to be able to fall back on an industrial base that is able to produce weapons and ammunition fast enough to be able to continue a conflict if you are in it,” he added.

Bauer a day earlier said NATO needed a “warfighting transformation” in the years ahead for an “era in which anything can happen at any time. An era in which we need to expect the unexpected.”

This comes ahead of NATO’s massive military exercise called Steadfast Defender 2024 planned for next week, which will involve 90,000 NATO troops from all 31 members, marking the alliance’s largest drills since the end of the Cold War.

“The exercise, composed of a series of smaller individual drills, will span from North America to NATO’s eastern flank, close to the Russian border,” reports Insider Paper. “It will involve 50 naval vessels, 80 aircraft and over 1,100 combat vehicles.”

Watch full remarks:

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