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Watch: Trump to Challenge Unconstitutional Gag Order Suppressing Right to Free Speech


Weaponized court system blatantly interfering in 2024 election by preventing Republican presidential frontrunner from speaking his mind.

President Donald Trump said he plans to challenge the constitutionality of a gag order in his New York criminal trial, saying it infringes on his First Amendment right to free speech.

Speaking to reporters outside his hush money trial Friday morning, Trump said the gag order unjustly prevents him from rebutting attacks from opponents, potentially violating the US Constitution.

“No. [The gag order] won’t stop me from testifying,” Trump responded to a reporter. “The gag order is not for testifying. It stops me from talking about people and responding when they say things about me and I’m not allowed to respond.”

“So this judge is taking away my constitutional right,” he stated.

“And as a – the Republican candidate and someone who’s leading Biden by a lot, I should be able to respond, but this guy’s got me with a gag order.”

Trump went on to say his attorneys would soon file a motion challenging the order.

“We’re filing I think today a constitutional motion to get this out. We’ll be filing a lawsuit on the constitutionality of it.”

“But if someone says something about me and I’m not allowed to respond, that’s never happened before,” he added.

Republican political strategist Roger Stone predicted on the Alex Jones Show last week Trump would challenge the gag order.

As predicted Trump challenges unconstitutional gag order. It’s not a gag order. It’s election meddling. And a so-called judge is not a judge. He’s a political operative of the Democratic Party and everybody knows it. https://t.co/NXVpEfGHOR

— Alex Jones (@RealAlexJones) May 3, 2024

Later in the day, Trump also bashed “Soros-backed” NY District Attorney Alvin Bragg and the weaponized judicial system coming after him.

🚨 Donald Trump speaks after court, Nukes ‘Soros-Backed’ NY District Attorney Alvin Bragg for wasting time on this trial while letting crime in the city run rampant pic.twitter.com/hWOijSKDLR

— Benny Johnson (@bennyjohnson) May 3, 2024

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