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Who is to blame for (world-)war? Putin speaks out: Atlantic warmongering unmasked!

Press conference 23.12.2021 with Vladimir Putin in English Translation:


Atlantic country elites prepare for their last battle

Since its return to power on January 20, 2021, the Deep State has been trying to rekindle Obama’s war policy, which Trump successfully choked off. The feverish dreams of the warmongers count to revive the US triumph of 1945 by triggering a limited nuclear war in Europe. They think, that only war may avert their global decline. The Ukraine has been chosen as Sarajevo 2.0, when Malaysia Airlines MH17 was shot down or any similar future event would take place at that location: Will it ignite the desired localized war next time?

On 21 December 2021 the Russian Defence Minister, Sergey Shoygu, announced, that private US military contractors were training Ukrainian special-forces in the Donetsk region and unleash a provocation under a false flag with chemical weapons included. The so-called White Helmets in Syria have shown us already, how dirty operations might work.

Rumours by patriotic circles from the US predict, that the Deep State might direct a cyberattack on their homeland but with fake news to falsely blame only Russia for the incident. It explains the narrative of the Atlantic main stream press: Their concentrated media power will take care of the spin and distract public attention from the realities.

Putin teaches world media a lesson

At his traditional end-of-year press conference, Russian President Vladimir Putin answered questions from the international media. Question from Sky News‘ Russia correspondent Diana Magnay provided Putin the opportunity to deliver important clarifications.

Sky News: Thank you for accepting my question. I will speak in English if you allow me:

You talked a lot about security guarantees and now we see new proposals. You also said that you have no intention of attacking the Ukraine. Can you give an unequivocal guarantee that you really will not attack Ukraine or any other sovereign state, or will that depend on the progress of the negotiations? And another question: What do you think the West can‚t understand about Russia or its intentions? Thank you.

Vladimir Putin: Regarding guarantees and whether anything will depend on the progress of the negotiations: Our actions will not depend on the progress of the negotiations. They will depend on unconditional compliance ensuring the security requirements of Russia today and in historical perspective. In this regard, we have made it clear that any further expansion of NATO to the East is unacceptable. What is not clear here? Are we deploying missiles near the borders of the USA? No!

It is the USA with their missiles, which have come close to our home and already standing in the doorstep of our house. Are we demanding too much not to move more attack systems to our national borders? What’s unusual here? How would Americans react if we for example decided to come to US borders with Canada or Mexico and deployed our missiles there? Or did Mexico and the US never had territorial disputes? Who owned California and Texas before? Did you forget that? Fine, everything has calmed down, nobody remembers it the way Crimea is remembered today. Wonderful! Also we do not try to remember how Ukraine was created. Who founded it? Vladimir Ilyich Lenin when he founded the Soviet Union: By the Union Treaty in 1922 and the constitution in 1924. It was established after his death, but in line with his principles.

But meanwhile it is the question of security – let’s leave history aside. It is not the course of the negotiations, which matters to us, but the result. It seems we don’t know all this. I have mentioned it many times before, and you probably know it too: Not an inch to the East – that has been the NATO guarantee in the 90s. What came out of that? They fooled us: We have seen five waves of NATO expansions. Now they are in Romania and corresponding systems will soon appear in Poland. That’s what it’s all about. You should finally understand: We do not threaten anyone. We did not come to the borders of the USA or to the borders of Great Britain or somewhere else. They came to our borders and now they are saying: Now Ukraine will also be in NATO. Then there will be the systems as well. If not as a NATO member, then the systems will be deployed on a bilateral basis. That’s what we’re talking about.

And you want guarantees from us. You have to give us guarantees – you! Immediately – at once. Instead of spending decades with mild talking about the need for security assurances but instead doing still, what they set out to do. It’s all about this. So are we threatening anyone?

What was the second part of your question? Please repeat it.

Sky News: In your opinion, what does the West not understand about Russia?

Vladimir Putin: You know – What we understand and what you understand or what you not understand: Sometimes it seems to me that we live in different worlds. I just said obvious things – how can you not understand? You said: “We won’t expand, but you keep expanding.”  You said: “There will be equal guarantees for all under a series of international agreements!” But then we see, there is no equality and this equal security does not occur.

Listen: In 1918 one of the assistants of Woodrow Wilson, the President of the United States, said: „The whole world will become calmer when instead of today’s vast Russia there will be a state in Siberia and four other states in its European part.“ In 1991 we divided ourselves into 12 parts, I reckon – correct! But I have the impression, that this is not enough for our partners: Russia is much too big nowadays. They think, because the European countries themselves have become small states – not big empires, but small countries, with 60–80 million people. And after the collapse of the Soviet Union, only 146 million have been left, but even that seems too much. I think that’s the only explanation for this constant pressure. In the 1990s, the Soviet Union did everything possible to establish normal relations with the West and the US. I have said it before and I shall repeat it again – let it your listeners and viewers know – I do not remember what media you are from, but it doesn’t matter:

At the facilities of our nuclear weapons complex, that is, the military complex, there were representatives of the relevant American services. They went there to work – within the facilities of the Russian nuclear weapons complex – every day. They lived there. Numerous advisers worked in the Russian government, including CIA employees. What more do you need? Why was it necessary to support terrorists in the North Caucasus and use blatant terrorist organizations to try to crush the Russian Federation? But they did, and as a former director of the FSB I know that very well: We worked with double agents. They told us what tasks the Western special services had handed over to them. But why did you have to do that? Perhaps you should have acted differently and treated Russia as a possible ally and strengthen it. But no, the opposite was the case: To attempt at an even more extensive collapse. And then NATO began to expand eastward. And of course, we said: “Don’t do that, you promised us not to do it.” And they said to us: „Where is it written? There is nothing? Well what do you want then? Get away – we could not care less about your worries!“ It went on like this from year to year. Every time we spoke up, tried to prevent something and expressed our concern. “No!” has been the answer: “No matter your worries. We will do what is necessary.” One, two, three, four, five – five NATO expansion waves, we had to experience. So what you can´t understand? I do not know. What seems unclear here. I think everything is more than clear: We want to ensure our security!

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