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Woman’s Based Comments Take Internet By Storm, Trigger Woke Mob

Leftists seethe at sight of beautiful woman who doesn’t bow to establishment

A TikTok user recently went viral for delivering epic rants against the feminization of men and other topics, triggering woke leftists across the internet.

It appears that the woman, on X under the name Lilly, had her TikTok account banned and was allegedly fired from her job because her posts were widely spread online.

In one video, Lilly slammed “nerds” and “anime people” from high school who are now in positions of power as adults.

“Those fucking dorks that never got laid in high school and they’ve got a major chip on their shoulder against the normies… They’re the ones inventing Clown World. They’re the ones in media. They’re the actors. You wonder why actors are so politically leftist? Oh, right. It’s because they’re loser theater kids. They’re the theater kids who grew up and they’re telling me and you what to think, they’re telling me and you what to do and they’re making the laws in this country.”

Fellas… pic.twitter.com/NI3q5Ec7Po

— GBH 🤡⚔️ Remilio | RWO (@xbtGBH) June 11, 2024

Another video by Lilly REALLY upset some people online as she dared utter the word “nigga” while ranting about guys who think all women are gold diggers.

Why is everyone so mad at this video? pic.twitter.com/NfVDKARpPu

— Harrison H. Smith ✞ (@HarrisonHSmith) June 10, 2024

One person commented, “the internet has made nonblack people way too comfortable, she’s deadass serious,” before suggesting black people go knock out random white people.

the internet has made nonblack people way too comfortable, she’s deadass serious pic.twitter.com/ff50KB8Qe1

— 5hahem aka Dr. Durag (@shaTIRED) June 10, 2024

we gotta start knocking people out again

— 5hahem aka Dr. Durag (@shaTIRED) June 10, 2024

After receiving loads of backlash, the viral vixen issued a response featuring a famous clip of the late Andrew Breitbart telling haters, “Fuck you.”

#1A #response pic.twitter.com/GYww2CLMfx

— Lilly (@llddiiss) June 10, 2024

Going off about men who are overly obsessed with their “gym muscles,” Lilly explained many women see guys who are too fit as “weird.”

@llddiiss this woman is all over X rn for her diff kinds of tt content but nobody is talking about this particular video and it’s the most relatable internet thing I’ve seen in a while cuz it’s all so v true pic.twitter.com/6hcQzbWuGL

— grateful American | ex-SFan the Left ruined Cali💔 (@faithliberty_ca) June 11, 2024

She posted several screenshots of angry, violent leftists leaving her menacing messages.

She’s nice pic.twitter.com/F2Qzl1BdqD

— Lilly (@llddiiss) June 10, 2024

After cries of Lilly being a “racist” flooded the internet, she chose to go on a podcast with black conservative podcast hosts the Hodge Twins to discuss the controversy.

She’s booked 🔥

— Hodgetwins (@hodgetwins) June 11, 2024

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