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X AI Grok Cites Terrorism, Cyberattacks, Escalating Conflicts With Iran, China & Russia as Most Likely WW3 Scenarios

X chatbot highlights very plausible scenarios that could spark a global conflict heading into the 2024 election.

The X platform’s AI chatbot “Grok” offered several scenarios that could lead America into World War 3 in an election year.

When asked, “What are the most likely scenarios that could lead America into World War 3 this year amid a presidential election?” Grok came up with five different possibilities.

Grok responded:

“The most likely scenarios that could lead America into World War 3 this year amid a presidential election are:

  1. Escalation of conflict in the Middle East: Tensions between Iran, Israel, and the United States could lead to a broader conflict involving other regional powers like Saudi Arabia and Turkey.
  2. A conflict between the US and China over Taiwan: If China were to take military action against Taiwan, the US might be drawn into the conflict, potentially leading to a larger war.
  3. A confrontation with Russia over Ukraine or other Eastern European countries: The US and NATO have been supporting Ukraine in its conflict with Russia, and any further escalation could lead to a larger conflict involving the US and its allies.
  4. A cyber attack on critical infrastructure: A major cyber attack on US infrastructure, such as the power grid or financial system, could be seen as an act of war and lead to a military response.
  5. A terrorist attack on US soil: A major terrorist attack could lead to a military response and potentially draw the US into a larger conflict.”

Notably, the FBI, including Director Christopher Wray and former officials, recently warned the likelihood of a terrorist attack on U.S. soil is greater than ever as the southern border remains open to the world and the Israel-Hamas conflict has led to concerns terrorist could launch a surprise attack similar to its attack on Israel on Oct. 7.

It also pointed out the possibility of a cyber attack on U.S. soil amid claims by Hollywood and the intelligence agencies that a cyber attack could be a distinct possibility in 2024.

And Grok highlighted the escalating geopolitical conflict between Israel and Iran, which comes as Joe Biden launched airstrikes against 85 Iran-proxy targets in Iraq and Syria on Friday.

Grok also pointed out the protracted conflict in Ukraine against Russia, which is driven almost entirely by Biden’s foreign policy in preventing Ukraine from negotiating a peace agreement.

X’s AI chatbot certainly has some fascinating things to say about a range of provocative subjects, including Why Governments Destabilize Countries for Power.

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