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Young Patriots Troll Commies Camping On Campuses Overnight, Help Cops Tear Down Campsite


Young Americans becoming more divided over the foreign fight

Students at multiple American colleges had their pro-Palestine protests disrupted by fellow students who are apparently not fans of the demonstrations.

First, on the University of California Los Angeles campus, a man loudly blasted audio from the Robin Williams film Good Morning, Vietnam along with rooster noises.

“Wake up commies, wake up!” the man, known as The Flag Guy, shouted at the camp at 4:30 AM while holding the Israeli and American flags.

Patriotic American man WAKES UP all of the sleeping anti-Israel activists camped out on the UCLA Campus.

The man shouted through a microphone at 4:30AM “Good Morning Vietnam.”



— Oli London (@OliLondonTV) April 28, 2024

Meanwhile, at Arizona State University, fraternity guys reportedly helped police clear up a demonstration.

While the young men tossed tents and other gear into a large truck, police stood guard and protesters shouted, “We’ve got the white frat boys throwing away protesters’ belongings and we’ve got the pigs in brown doing nothing about it although we are being forced off campus.”

So, the kids volunteered to help the officers clean up their campus after the gathering was declared unlawful.

Frat boys help the police tear down pro-Palestinian camps at ASU


— The Post Millennial (@TPostMillennial) April 29, 2024

Arizona State University — Overnight, state troopers make arrests of those involved in the extremist encampment for Gaza at @ASU. pic.twitter.com/41RZk3yCBH

— Andy Ngô 🏳️‍🌈 (@MrAndyNgo) April 27, 2024

Arizona State University last night


— The Daily Sneed™ (@Tr00peRR) April 27, 2024

However you feel about the Israel and Palestine situation, it’s clear that Americans are becoming increasingly divided over the topic.

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