Horst D. Deckert

YouTube Censorship: Rogan, Jones, Timcast, The New American. Who’s Next, and How Much Should We Care?


The censorship cartel isn’t able to suppress everything.

The Big Tech censorship cartel has struck again. On Wednesday, Tim Pool posted on X that “Youtube has declared war on Timcast IRL retroactively enforcing rules against our 2 biggest shows ever featuring @joerogan@michaelmalice, and @RealAlexJones.” In the same post, Pool noted that “these shows were 3 years old” and that YouTube “gave bs reasons for the removal.”

Youtube has declared war on Timcast IRL retroactively enforcing rules against our 2 biggest shows ever featuring @joerogan, @michaelmalice, and @RealAlexJones

These shows were 3 years old

They gave bs reasons for the removals

— Tim Pool (@Timcast) April 17, 2024

But the censorship cartel isn’t able to suppress everything. In a separate post, Pool clarified that “Our biggest show was not on youtube, it’s on rumble.” Rumble, of course, has not engaged in the censorship that YouTube has, and has been properly awarded for its belief in freedom of speech by becoming an increasingly popular website.

X also has become a platform known for allowing opposing points of view since its purchase (before Twitter was renamed X) by Elon Musk. Interestingly, Pool’s post about the the removal of three-year-old shows quoted above had gotten almost 1 million views as of this writing. Obviously YouTube’s pathetic attempts to control what the people are allowed to view or know are not going unnoticed.

Many regular readers and viewers of The New American are aware that we too have been censored by YouTube. For years, that censorship directed at TNA included shadow-banning. Also, certain content was removed based on YouTube’s “misinformation” policy — with the policy interpreted broadly to include accurate information on Covid and other subjects that did not fit the establishment line. But in June 2023, YouTube went full-throttle in its censorship of The New American, banning us outright without explanation.

Our message to YouTube regarding this censorship? Well, that’s perfectly encapsulated in this short 18-second ad we did:

To be clear: The truth hurts those who attempt to wage war against it! Truth is eternal. It is enduring. It is a powerful weapon — much more powerful than the inferior substitutes of lies and deception the enemies of truth rely upon to wage their propaganda wars to beguile the masses.

The Deep State and media mavens attack and suppress the truth because they fully recognize that the truth will be their undoing should it become widely enough known. People do not want to be slaves to the power elites, and when they understand the true nature of the dystopian future planned for them — that it will not be bread and circuses but desolation and servitude — they will rebel against it.

YouTube and other social and major media censors cannot kill the truth, nor can they stop it from eventually coming out, no matter how hard they try. In the end, truth will triumph.

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