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CRISIS: Denver Hospital Caught Injecting LIVE Ebola Vaccine In Workers Now Overwhelmed by Illegals, Has Racked Up $136M In Unpaid Care In 2023 Alone — REPORT


Swarm of illegals linked to bringing Colorado hospital system to brink of collapse with unpaid care are being tended to by healthcare workers who received an Ebola vaccine with a high shed rate.

The same hospital in Denver, Colorado, that gave healthcare workers an Ebola vaccine with a 31% shed rate is also on the brink of collapse due to unpaid care related to the surge of illegals flooding the system, according to reports.

Denver Health, the largest “safety net” hospital in Colorado is experiencing this alarming convergence of crises.

“Since President Joe Biden took office and the southern border has been overrun with immigrants from all over the world, the cost of unpaid care at Denver Health has risen dramatically,” reports Cortney Weil of The Blaze. “In 2020, the hospital had about $60 million in unpaid care. By 2022, that number more than doubled to $125 million and then jumped another $11 million last year, bringing the total amount of unpaid care at Denver Health in 2023 to a whopping $136 million.”

“Those numbers coincide with the significant rise in illegal immigrants entering the city in the last few years. According to Dr. Steven Federico, the chief government and community affairs officer for Denver Health, the hospital treated 8,000 new patients from South and Central America in the last year, and those patients alone accounted for 20,000 hospital visits.”

Dr. Federico added that the medical needs sought by the new population included dental emergencies, mental health counseling, and childbirth.

Watch Dr. Federico call for federal support for this “humanitarian crisis”:

Denver Hospital Struggles with unpaid illegal alien costs pic.twitter.com/amCAPMxNLm

— Zeno Calhoun (@zenoc_oshits) January 18, 2024

In tandem with this crisis, news broke earlier this week that Denver Health workers were given doses of a live Ebola vaccine in November.

“Denver Health paramedics, doctors, and nurses have just been vaccinated with a live Ebola vaccine,” said Dr. Richard Bartlett Friday on The Alex Jones Show. “Never before have we had anyone in Denver, Colorado – or Colorado at all – vaccinated for Ebola. This is history-making.”

“Why would they be doing this? They said they’re doing it in preparation for a ‘potential Ebola outbreak,’ why would they be thinking that’s possible?”

Watch the full interview below where both Dr. Bartlett and Jon Fleetwood also raise the alarm on a U.S.-taxpayer-funded lab near Denver Health that will reportedly import bats from around the world and experiment on dangerous diseases.

BREAKING: Hospitals Injecting Staff With Live Ebola Vaccine That Sheds In Colorado, Warns Doctor

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