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EXCLUSIVE: Alex Jones Responds To Claims He’s Giving Pierre Poilievre Talking Points


Canadians in parliament attack anti-globalist politician for speaking truth to power.

Alex Jones gives his take on comparisons between his rhetoric and that of Canadian politician Pierre Poilievre, explaining they sound alike because both base their arguments on fundamental facts.

Here’s what Jones is referring to:

We are both talking about the same facts. CBDC and internet ID systems are being rolled out now. The WEF backed left in Canada is trying to say it’s made up. Try again gaslighting punks!! https://t.co/CbsmfdwyXD

— Alex Jones (@RealAlexJones) April 19, 2024

The comparisons between Jones and Poilievre come as Canadian Prime Minister last week ranted on the floor of Parliament against Poilievre, his main political rival, for not denouncing an endorsement by Alex Jones.

WATCH: Prime Minister #JustinTrudeau calls out #PierrePoilievre for not yet denouncing endorsement by “conspiracy theorist and liar” Alex Jones:

“He did absolutely nothing because those kinds of endorsements fit within his political strategy.”#cdnpoli #QP pic.twitter.com/2LkMEVaVVH

— Jason Pugh 🇨🇦 🏳️‍🌈 (@TheJasonPugh) April 9, 2024

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