Horst D. Deckert

Video: Police Confront Triggered Liberal Who Keyed Truck With “Let’s Go Brandon” Sticker


Another unhinged leftist caught on camera

A viral video online shows the moment a Democrat man was confronted by a police officer for scratching a vehicle with an anti-Joe Biden bumper sticker.

After the cop let the man know his act was caught on film, the leftist admitted he used his key fob to scratch the side of a vehicle in the parking lot of a Winn Dixie store because the truck had a sticker that said, “Let’s Go Brandon.”

Triggered New York leftist keys a car with “Let’s Go Brandon” decal while vacationing in Florida and gets arrested. pic.twitter.com/m4Did0vlCh

— Dylan Griffith (@LivingDadJoke) April 24, 2024

“I scratched it,” the man told the officer, explaining, “I guess it infuriated me.”

This type of political animosity for complete strangers is unhealthy for the country, yet typical of unhinged leftists.

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